Friday, October 11, 2013

It's unplanned...again..

My car broke down again. Yesterday, I've taken unplanned leave for the same reason ~sigh~

My husband did not allow me to use the car to work. Yes, he was right and he got the point. The engine was noisy and it's dangerous for me to travel alone to Linggi.

So, it's unplanned leave again. It's not me. Luckily that I work in Klinik Kesihatan; taking leave with my colleagues around is not a big matter. Somehow, it's a matter to me as the Y/M (pegawai yang menjaga klinik) as I need to be the example to my fellow staffs. But, everything was beyond my control.

We sent the car to the workshop this morning; hoping that I could use it to work by 11am. But, the mechanics couldn't make it. So I cancelled all the appointments for scan and IUCD insertion for today.

I want to be positive. I know this is a test from Allah. A test for me and for us. I don't want to think too much on this anymore. Everything was beyond our control. Things happened for reasons and only Allah knows the reasons. 

I want to look forward. I'll be back to work on Thursday (taking leave until Wednesday for aidiladha) =)

Note : I watched a film titled "29 Februari" while waiting for hubby coming back from on call and this song really caught my ears. Enjoy! =)

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