Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Beginning

At last, I attempted to jot down something here.

It has been more than 1 month since I started working. I enjoyed my hectic life as a house officer in Hospital Tuanku Jaafar Seremban (HTJS).

HTJS was never in my list of option for my posting. Hospital Serdang, Hospital Kajang and Hospital Putrajaya were the in the list as the distance of those three hospitals are only 10 minutes drive from my house. But, the fate states that I'm belonged to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Since the very first day of posting, I did not feel much alienated with HTJS environment. The environment and surrounding are 90% the same with HTAA, Kuantan. I did not have much problem in ward as the arrangement are almost the same like in HTAA. One of the staff nurse told me, "Since the first time Dr came in, we (staff nurses) were like impressed, how could a new houseman looked so familiar with the ward and you could do all the blood taking and setting the branula easily." I just smiled to them and said to myself, "Alhamdulillah. Thank you my lecturers for forcing me to complete the tasks in the log book."

There are 4 of us; posted in medical department; me, Dr Nurul Ilyani, Dr Leong and Dr Nicholas. We were posted in 4 different medical wards.

I was posted in ward 7A. The first person I met was Dr Chua Laussaine; a nice and tall lady, then Dr Aaron; a cool specialist, Dr Hong; an MO with a very thorough history taking, Dr. Shirley Lee and Dr Chua Shee Heen; both are very good seniors and I owed them a lot, Dr Avinash; a 'jonah' houseman, Dr Kharie; a joker, Dr. Huda, Dr Syauqi and Dr Ana; those are very caring colleagues.

My colleagues are superb! I could not describe it with words! I was brought along with them when they wanted to go to the lab, radiology department, clinics, records department etc. It was beyond my expectation! I was imagining initially that I would have to go through all those things alone and being very blurred for the first time. Thanks Allah for making everything easy for me.

Day by day I went through my tagging period with a lot of lesson everyday. It was tiring; 6.30am till 10.00pm (on paper - but I went back at least at 11.00pm) everyday for 2 weeks. After tagging period, it was quite ok as I could go back at 6.00pm.

Throughout the tagging period, I smiled to myself everyday before going to work and always renew ed my intention of going to work - Lillahi taala. I found it very helpful to keep me strong and withstand all the challenges everyday. And again, thanks to Allah for everything.

Until now, I tried my best to treat my new taggers and colleagues in my posting like what I've been treated before.

More writing soon. So many things to share. Hope that can give benefit to all of us.

Hope for a nice on call tomorrow. I'm on call in malam raya! =)

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