Saturday, February 26, 2011

O&G in February

O&G in February...

I was in gynae ward for 3 weeks. I was exciting learning new things but at the same time was very tired with it. Physically tired with work and emotionally upset with the 'outsome of social illness'. I felt upset with all the extramarital pregnancies that I met. I felt more upset when I couldn't do much about it...I could only slowly talked to them (hardly found suitable time) and the least I did was offering my prayer for them.

The best moment was when I was in-charge of all the onco patients. In the first 2 days, I mixed up the cases while presenting to the specialist...I was not sure which patient was which...ovarian ca? cervical ca? endometrial ca? peritoneal ca? For what I knew, they came for chemotherapy. I was also very blurred with all the chemo regimes - cisplatin, carbo-taxol, ECO, EMACO, gemcitabine..etc and which one is for which cancer..huhuhu...luckily I have SN Siti, our experienced onco nurse to help along the way =). After a few days, I found oncology is very interesting though very challenging (including inserting branula for them =P). I was always inspired by their spirit to fight with the cancer. Most of them came for chemo with smile and hope. It was very few looked depressed or in tears (maybe they have enough of it until they have no more tears). I missed my onco patients...I really meant it. For all of them, my prayers are for you. Be strong. Be strong. If you can be that strong facing life, I must be able to do so.

For all I know, I never like working in OT since student time...but I could never run away from it. I just can't imagine if I'm the want who perform the operation. But so far, I enjoyed working in OT with all the cool MOs and surgeons =) Hopefully, no more OT after housemanship..hehehe..

For my on call, as usual...busy till next morning regardless of ward call, what more if labour room call.

Now, I'm in clinic. Life changes a bit. But still many things to learn though I'm approaching my final month in the posting (oh, I haven't plan for my leave =p). So, keep moving forward!

The challenge during housemanship is to maintain the enthuthiasm to learn despite unmerciful working hours and burden. Learning is the motivation to continue working. Otherwise, I must have been collapsed since long time ago. Why sacrifice life for others? But that's the way I've chosen. No regret about it. I learn because I want the knowledge for my work. I work because of the trust on the limited knowledge I have...and I am accountable for it.

After all, the ultimate reason why am I living and doing things in this world is because I'm going to die. Once I died, I have no more chance to do something to protect myself from the hellfire in the hereafter.

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p/s: I missed my IIUM friends and lecturers very much!