Thursday, April 29, 2010

The receiving hands


I really felt Your Love today.

And also I felt an indescribable feeling of receiving sadaqah from people around us.

A mixed feeling of happiness and grateful. My sadness, confusion and depression for the whole day melted with just like that.

"Adik puasa ye"

Nodding head.

"Nah, ni kurma dari Mekah untuk berbuka"

"Terima kasih makcik"

I was holding my tears at that time.

It was an unexpected gift from Allah.

Actually, I've prepared my food for the iftar.

But by having the dates, I could catch up with the congregational prayers since the beginning.

Thank you Allah for this lesson.

I know after this I have to train myself to share my possession though with little amount.

I want them to feel what I've felt. It was a very beautiful feeling.

I want to share my happiness with them.

Thank you Allah for alleviating my pain inside.

Please guide me to Your Way.

"Glory to be Him in Whose hands is the Kingdom of all things; and to Whom shall all be brought back" Surah Yasin (36) : 83

25200 Kuantan

Thanks to Hanisah and Saaidah for being my companions.
To the kind auntie, I pray for you to be always at your best health and wealth.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't Know Where to Go

He has promised to you that He will always be there.

So, turn to Him when we do not know where to go.

25200 Kuantan

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Last Week of Posting

This week will be the last week of our posting after 7 years of journey in medical school.

I want to enjoy it until the last day.

Thanks Allah for all the strength that You gave me to reach until this stage.

The very next step is to pass the Final Professional Examination (as well as the Paediatric posting).

Note : I don't want to receive any 'mangkuk' in this week. =p

25200 Kuantan

23 days to Final Professional Examination

Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Exciting SPA Interview

I was so excited to attend the SPA interview last week.

Luckily, my turn was in the third day (Thursday, 22 April 2010)

So, there were so many tips from my batch mates (thank you friends).

For me, as long as you can talk during the interview, it would be fair enough for them to not to reject our application.

I did a few readings on the national issues including 1 Malaysia, Government Transformation Program, New Economy Model etc.

The typical issue was of course 1 Malaysia and how can we as doctor implement this idea while working.

Some of my friends got questions on Government Transformation Program, New Economy Model and New Key Result Area and they did answer them well! (I'm proud of you!).

I was the fourth person. (Luckily, I didn't have to wait long).

Mine was not so difficult. My interviewer was Datuk Ignatius J. Bantoi.

I got typical current issue; 1 Malaysia and H1N1.

But, the hardest part was to talk about H1N1 in Bahasa!

Penyakit disebabkan oleh jangkitan virus Influenza A..err..strain H1N1.

Virus ini tersebar melalui...errr...droplets.

Anyway, it was a good experience. The interview ended after about 15 to 20 minutes.

Thanks to Allah who eased the way. Alhamdulillah.

Now, the next mission is to pass the Final Professional Exam.

25200 Kuantan

Note : 26 days to Final Professional Exam

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mari Bersedekah

"Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang selalu membaca Kitab Allah dan melaksanakan solat dan menginfakkan sebahagian rezeki yang Kami anugerahkan kepadanya dengan diam-diam dan terang-terangan, mereka itu mengharapkan perdagangan yang tidak rugi. Agar Allah menyempurnakan pahalanya kepada mereka dan menambah kurniaNya. Sungguh, Allah Maha Pengampun, Maha Mensyukuri."
Surah Al-Fatir (35) : 29-30

Lepas ni, tidak elok untuk kita mengatakan yang mereka yang membuat publisiti atas dermaan mereka itu adalah atas dasar menunjuk-nunjuk.

Mungkin mereka lebih faham Al-Quran daripada kita.

Biarlah niat dan keikhlasan mereka menjadi rahsia antara mereka dengan Allah.


Jom bersedekah!

Mari sentiasa berbaik sangka sesama manusia!

Semoga sentiasa mendapat perlindungan daripadaNya.

25200 Kuantan

Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't be selfish

"If the patient was ill-looking, don't disturb him. Don't be selfish."

Thank you Dr Aye Aye for the reminder.

25200 Kuantan

Note : I was relieved to listen to her advice just now. We have to be empathy. Just use our common sense!


"Harta dan anak-anak adalah perhiasan kehidupan di dunia tetapi amal kebajikan yang terus menerus adalah lebih baik pahalanya di sisi Tuhanmu serta lebih baik untuk menjadi harapan."

Surah Al Kahfi (18) : 46

25200 Kuantan

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks, dear patients

I had a good day with my patients today!

I smiled all the way today because of them despite of having mixed feeling about everything lately.

Thanks to the brilliant and smart boys; Mohd Amirul Fikrie and Mohd Amirul Firdaus for the great moments.

I pray for your success in the future undertakings. (Firdaus wanted to be an astronaut)

I pray for you to be protected from all of the bad influences around us.

Please grow up 'safely' in our society.

25200 Kuantan

Note : They also caused my homesickness level to be increased =(

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Till we meet again 2

I love beach.

Today, I spent time with Farhana, Tiqah and Zarul in Teluk Cempedak. I planned to go there alone initially but thanks Allah who sent them for me =)

I just could not wait for time to leave Kuantan. 5 years duration is really enough for me (need to pass the exam first..huhu..).

But...sensing so much of sentimental values lately.

Maybe I've fallen in love in Kuantan. Oh no! It's too 'far' from my hometown =p

Anyway, Kuantan is one of the places where I learned much about life, friendship and responsibility. Hope to come again here with another mission.

To Tiqah :

Safe journey to Labuan! But, before that please make sure you all get enough sponsorship.

To Farhana :

Finish your thesis early. Send your resume early. Get job early. Then, we'll have a big treat from you earlier =p

To Zarul :

All the best for orthopaedics posting!

To others :

Happy holiday!
Happy working! (especially for Ilman)
Happy studying (for us...huhuhu)

25200 Kuantan

Note : Another 40 days to Final Professional Exam 2010

Till we meet again

I want to thank my juniors for this wonderful weekend.

Last night, we visited SBPIK students for follow up of their progression after the last program in January.

Credit to Rizal, Tiqah and newly made friends; Saifullah and Faiz.

I've been doing this since the past 5 years. But the last night session was very special for me as I considered it as my last visit to the school before graduation (but who knows if I still have time after for it after this).

It was a great night in SBPIK.

1. Listening tazkirah given by a Form 5 student; in which he was able to give the tazkirah like an ustaz (especially his tone of voice) and able to come out with relevant quranic verses in his tazkirah.

2. Joining them for a while in watching a movie at the main hall which was organized by the Form 5 students to seek for collection for their grand dinner. The fee was 50 cents per person and 30 cents for the latecomers (very kind!).

3. Having good discussion session with them especially during personal discussion.

To SBPIK students, till we meet again. I did not know when will I step in your main gate for the next time. There were so much memories with this school since the past 5 year in Kuantan. Thanks adik-adik for teaching me another meaning of life.

Good luck to Zafirah, Fana and Yana for SPM 2010. Don't you all want to beat SMART this year?

"Oh Prophet, Surely, We have granted you a manifest victory (in the shape of a Treaty concluded at Hudaibiyah), so that Allah may forgive your past as well as future sins, perfect His blessings upon you and guide you to the right way, and that Allah may bestow on you His Mighty Help." Surah Al-Fath (48) : 1-3

25200 Kuantan

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Faith and Soul

Faith always gives the soul enough light to see through life

As for those who strive in Us, We surely guide them to Our paths, and lo! Allah is with the good. Surah Al-Ankabut (29) : 69

25200 Kuantan

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet and Sour


Just safely arrived in Kuantan after a long journey from Skudai; attending walimah Sakinah & Khubaib.

Congratulation to both of them.

I listened to this song for few times while driving.

Segenggam Tabah

Bertali arus dugaan tiba
Menakung sebak airmata
Namun tak pernah pun setitis
Gugur berderai di pipi

Tidak ditempah hidup sengsara
Suratan nasib yang melanda
Menongkah badai bergelora
Diredah bersendirian

Bagaikan camar pulang senja
Patah sayapnya tetap terbang jua
Sekadar secicip rezeki
Buat yang sedang rindu menanti

Segenggam tabah dipertahankan
Buat bekalan di perjalanan
Kau bebat luka yang berdarah
Kau balut hati yang calar

Telah tertulis suratan nasibmu
Derita buatmu ada hikmahnya
Terlukis senyum di bibir lesu
Tak siapa tahu hatimu

Biarpun keruh air di hulu
Mungkinkah jernih di muara
Biarpun jenuh hidup dipalu
Pasti bertemu tenangnya

Artist : In Team
Lyrics : ITO Lara
Musics : Fadzli

This song reminded me of Wahid and Darwish.

Both are my good friends.


How I missed her so much.

I felt very bad about it.

I felt like I was just just watching her suffering.

I just did not know on how to talk to her when I felt like wanted to burst into tears when I met her or I listened to her voice through phone.

I just have prayers for her.


My other good friend.

It was deeply saddened to hear the death of his father on last Friday.

This must be difficult for him.

I also just have prayers for him.

But lo! with hardship goeth ease, Lo! with hardship goeth ease; So when thou art relieved, still toil. And strive to please thy Lord.

Surah Al-Insyirah (94) : 4-8

Note: I dedicate this song to all my patients to who have taught me the meaning of life. All of you are the true survivors. All of you are closer to Allah. Please pray for me; to give my best care to all of you.

25200 Kuantan

Thursday, April 1, 2010


"Mak asyik manjakan adik-adik. Dulu-dulu Suhaili tak macam ni pun," gurau saya apabila melihat perbezaan gaya emak dahulu dan sekarang.

Bukan sekali saya berkata begitu, malah berkali-kali juga.

Bukan apa, kadang-kadang geli hati melihat adik saya yang sudah masuk tahun 1 tapi makan masih kadang-kadang disuap dan kalau di dalam kereta, dia akan berusaha untuk duduk bersempit-sempit bersama-sama emak di tempat duduk penumpang hadapan.

Antara jawapan biasa emak:

"Semua dah lupa macam mana kecil-kecil dulu. Macam ni juga." (Ye ke? :p)

"Umur dia kecil lagi. Lahir hujung tahun. Belum cukup 7 tahun." (Hmm...)

Tapi saya terdiam apabila kadang-kadang emak menjawab:

"Suhaili sekarang dah umur 25 tahun masih ada lagi emak. Adik nanti belum tentu lagi. Dah tua sangat la kalau mak ada lagi. Nanti jaga adik baik-baik. Jaga sampai dia habis belajar."

Terus terdiam.

Merenung hari esok.

Siapa tahu jika saya yang pergi dahulu.

25200 Kuantan

Children, let's play...

Currently I am in pediatric posting.

Other than usual ward works, another thing that I have to 'master' is developmental assessment of the children.

When are they supposed to sit, walk, talk, etc.

It is difficult for me to remember all the stages of development.

Experience would teach us a lot like other things in physical examination (but how could it be in this limited time).

I am not sure whether my experience as an eldest sister in my 7 siblings is helpful in understanding this matter.

Hohoho...How I wish I could still have newcomer at home so that I could have a close observation to his development (my mother would scream at me!) =p

This means, I need to work harder (and smarter) to tackle this problem.

So, children in the ward, do not get too sick and wait for your turn to be disturbed by us!
(we just want to play with you!)

Muhsin, you are growing so fast.
I missed the opportunity to really observe your development.
As far as I can remember, this boy could walk with support at 10 months old and walk unaided at 11 months old.

25200 Kuantan