Friday, May 28, 2010

They are also Important

I just want to remind myself about the significance of people around us.

One of the key in life is to be good to everyone regardless of their status, position or background.

In the end, we are all the servants of Allah and the highest-ranked servant are those with taqwa.

There are a lot of people involved in my journey in medical school other than my beloved family, lecturers and friends.

They are the staffs, drivers, cleaners and all in IIUM Kuantan Campus.

They worked hard to serve us; the students.

They are very significant is our journey.

Thank you to the bus drivers, who drove me everyday to the hospital (in a big bus with only 5 students per trip).

Thank you to the Kak Fiza, Kak Oya, Kak Riza, Kak Wawa, Sis. Najihah, Bro Ipen, Bro Mubin, Bro Ezmil, all the MLTs, staff nurses in every departments and supporting staffs for helping us in every exams.

Thank you also Kak Ton, our helper (cleaner) - in our mahallah (hostel) for cleaning our corridor, toilets and arrange our shoes nicely everyday!

I pray for the best reward from Allah for all of you.

Treat others nicely and we will definitely get the same return; or sometimes it is even better.

That's the formula in life and rule of nature.

Supposed there are people who hurt you, give our apology though it's very hard and hurting (I've felt it) and pray to Allah to show them the way. It's only Allah having the justice.

So, in wherever we are, be humble; because we are all servants of Allah. We never know who has the higher rank in the eyes of Allah.

I'm not that smart. Just an ordinary student who always tried to give her very best.

Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah for everything I have in this life.

25200 Kuantan


I've passed my exam. I am so happy because I am done with one phase of life - which took me 7 years to complete it (the DR is not really a matter). Alhamdulillah =))

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The End of the Beginning

At the scene of event, Level 1, Jalan Hospital Campus, Kulliyyyah of Medicine, IIUM Kuantan

Our final professional exam result was announced this afternoon.


104/106 students managed to make it.

Thanks Allah for Your guidance.

I have to work hard to be Your good servant.

This is only the end of the beginning of this sacred and very challenging profession.

Once again, to Allah I seek for strength to face it.

25200 Kuantan

Note :

This Monday will be our oath taking ceremony. I cannot wait for it!

I have only about 1 week before I leave Kuantan; the place where I learned a lot about the meaning of life. I'll come here back in 3-4 years time for another mission.

Thanks to all supporting staffs of Kulliyyah of Medicine, IIUM.

I pray for my 2 good friends to be strong for the next 6 months. You'll definitely can make it. My humble prayers are for both of you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Road to Final Professional

I can never thank my lecturers enough.

Thanks Allah for giving me chance to learn Your knowledge from these people who are full with wisdom.

During the 2 weeks time of our revision, the lecturers were very supportive by giving us the tips and revise on the important topics. Almost all departments did their best for us.

Yes, we did request revision class from them, but their commitment were so great. It was beyond our expectation.

Some of the lecturers requested from us for them to have class with us! But, they did not discuss much on the topics. Most of them kept giving motivation to us and comforted us from various ways.

I would never forget the song 'Open Your Eyes' by Maher Zain presented by Dr Ziana after O&G revision.

"The great satisfaction as teachers is when we go to hospital and see our students serving the patients properly. When I went for medical check up for my Hajj, the doctor in charge was my student. We'll try to help student in exam. I like to scold student during teaching. But that's because I love my students and I want them to learn." Dr Ziana

I would also never forget the encouraging and inspiring slides by Dr Marzuki after MCQ session with him. (He named his session MCQ revisited : A Life Long Memorable Moment in Medicine). Yes, I will never forget that session.

I was also so touched with Prof Wahab who is still under chemotherapy, when he still came to meet us and gave some tips. We will indeed pray for your health as well, Prof.

"Compose yourself and present properly. Don't be panic if you get a difficult case. Take the history properly and according chronology. I will always pray for all of you!"
Prof Wahab
As usual, the senior lecturer would reserve to show their care to the end. Thank you Prof Naseer and Prof Hafiz =)

From my observation, they did not taught us much during the revision. They just wanted to see us all, to see our faces and to say something to alleviate our anxiety.

They just knew when to give it. That's the instinct of teacher granted by Allah to them. True teachers.

I thank all my lecturers.

I've done the best I could in the exam and I'm hoping for a smile for it.

I can never thank you all enough for all the care and guidance. I pray to Allah for all my lecturers to be at their best health so that they can continue spreading the wisdom to the others.

25200 Kuantan

Note : I want to see them back in 3 to 4 years time. Hope by that time I can join them and learn from them on how to be a good teacher =)

Great teacher inspires!

IIUM Final Professional Examination 2010

Yeah, today is the grand finale of my 7 years of study.

My final professional exam has started since last Friday.

We had theory papers; PMP, OSCE and MCQ on last Friday and Monday. Alhamdulillah. (though I was not really satisfied with my performance in OSCE). I do hope all the carry marks and the exam marks are enough to pass me in theory paper.

The grand finale is the clinical examination.
It's the time to show to the examiners that you are a SAFE doctor.

Alhamdullillah. My turn is on the second day (today) and again Alhamdulillah, I managed to end it with a smile.

And now I leave everything to Allah.

The result will be announced tomorrow..huhu...

25200 Kuantan

Note : More entry about this professional exam will come. I will never forget on the mixed feeling, anxiety and palpitation before the exam. Hope that will be a sweet memory for me. Now is the time for doa and tawakal.