Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At the same time...

Yesterday, we were taking oath with Allah; to be a good doctor.

We were so happy as we were officially called a doctor.

Just remember, the responsibility comes together with the title.

At the same, our Muslim friends (as well as other NGO members from different religions) were attacked on their way to Palestine. The trip was only a humanity trip! I didn't see any logic behind the attack unless the attacker were so coward!

The Israelis are really having persecutory delusions about risk of being attacked by others. It's just because of they knew that they have been doing the wrong things since the beginning and their fate is really at the edge of fringe if people of the world raise together and attack them.

And I hate of having so called great leaders (I wonder if the leaders are also in Malaysia) but failed to really condemned Israelis!

Our friends are the true Muslim; having full of faith to take the risk of dying just because to help our suppressed brothers there. It is only either winning or shaheed.

Let's pray for them; for Allah to ease their way.

Let's pray for the peace of Gaza. The people are our Muslim brothers.

Let's strengthen our faith to Allah, practice Islam in our practice and attitude and spread the correct message of Islam to others so that we will become stronger to fight with them.

25200 Kuantan

For My Juniors...

I don't have much to share about my final professional exam. But, I hope this might be useful especially to my juniors.

Happy reading! =)

25200 Kuantan

My Promise to Allah

I was taking my oath with Allah as a Muslim physician today.

Dr. Azarisman Shah - My expectation is you are able to present everything about the case to me at 4 o'clock in the morning with the eyes closed and full bladder. ~Still wondering and couldn't imagine what does it mean. We'll see later.

Recitation of du'a

Speech by Prof Fauzi - Be good to everyone around you. Give back to the community.

Returning speech by Safwan - Be thankful with the nikmat from Allah and show it every aspect in life.

3 inspiring Professors - Prof Ariff (Anaesthesiology), Prof Fauzi (Internal Medicine),
Prof Murad (O & G)

This must be at time when Safwan said - Thank you doctors for all the advices, guidance, motivation and not forgetting the pinches and squeezes. =D

Taking oath with Allah - led by Amir

104 of us. Alhamdulillah =)

With my study group members : Safwan, Darwish, Ili (+ Wahid)

Luckily, the lecturers were having Kulliyyah meeting, so that I was able to meet them and say my thanks. May Allah bless you all, teachers~ (especially to my mentor during O&G posting - Dr Hakim Gharib Bilal who will be going back to Africa; thank you for being so kind to me and being such among the best mentor I ever had)

25200 Kuantan

Note :

1. When I met Prof Zalina, who was my examiner for the long case:

Prof Zalina : You got distinction marks for your long case.

Me : It couldn't be Prof. I was the student with the case of acute haematogenous osteomyelitis.

Prof Zalina : Yes, you got a good mark for that.

Me : ~ speechless (since she insisted)~I didn't feel it was so good to get a distinction mark. It is not until proven otherwise. Maybe she is talking about the other student. Anyway, thanks Allah for easing my way =)

2. When I met Prof Hamizah, who was my examiner for short case:

Prof Hamizah : Ni la student yang over-confident hari tu.

Me : ??? She must be talking about my wrong initial diagnosis for that uterus larger than date! Huhu..But she was so kind, guiding me to the right diagnosis =) Alhamdulillah

3. When I met Dr Zamzila, my biochemistry lecturer:

Dr Zamzila : Come back to UIA, ok?

Me : Insya Allah =)

4. Credit to Bro Azmi for the photos =)