Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ward 1A

This week; being in the 4th week in antenatal ward, my working life is full of excitement;

First and foremost, of course with all good colleagues, MOs and staffs in ward which make the working environment and atmosphere less stressful. Credits to my fellow colleagues: Nithiya, Fadilah, Izni, Khairie, Fitri, Azrin, my MOs : Dr. Brintha, Dr. Teoh, Dr Iram.

Secondly, I learn a lot of lesson in obstetrics. I am so happy as I started to appreciate what I've learnt in medical school. I thank my MOs, specialist and consultant for the guidance.

Thirdly, I went back early during my turn for night round...thanks to the cool MO for the understanding.

Many more exciting moments during this week, but I'm just too tired to jot it down. Anyway, I love working in ward 1A =)

Tomorrow I'm on call in labour room. I really hope it will be good call. I don't mind if patients come and we have double beds; and we deliver all the babies safely. I just don't want any deceleration, non reactive CTG, poor progress, secondary arrest or instrumental delivery...and if possible to leave all patients with intact perineum =p

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Next Graduant

Congratulation to my sister.

First class honour - Degree in Library Science, UiTM

I was not there as I was still tagging in O&G department that day...quite difficult to have a day off..huhu

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Ladies, mothers, babies

One good thing working in O&G department is I seldom see a truly ill-looking patients except for cancer patients in gynae ward (or maybe I haven't seen enough). No intubated patient, no ventilator machine sound, no continuous SPO2 monitoring, no nebulizer, no nasogastric tubes, no stab PD seen. Everyday when I walked into the ward, it was so chill with the pregnant mothers patiently waiting for delivery.

I like O&G. I like the subject itself and I like to serve the mothers, babies and women. Among other rotations in the posting, I just like working in labour room though it is full with mixture of many sounds and voices. The satisfaction of helping the mothers in giving birth for the babies is indescribable with words. I prayed for every baby that I handled for them to be a good child to their parents.

I'm now in antenatal ward with all the good and sporting colleagues. But, TDS rounds really make me is funny to review post SVD patients or PP patients during night rounds. The MO also did not see the patient like other patients. Nothing much change the night rounds. New cases and acute cubicle patients are more worth it to be reviewed. Regardless how much or loud we talk about it, nothing will change. So the best way is to change our mind setting about it so that works do not seem so stressful (but it's really tiring). Though I'm approaching 4th week in antenatal ward, there are so many things that I need to learn for the sake of my patients.

My aim before graduating from O&G department is I must learn and know the proper way of doing TAS. I need to work for it.

After all, up to this point, I don't think I want to pursue in O&G, just because I do not have full interest in working in OT (I can do it but I don't think I want to do it forever) mother must be still praying for me to do O&G (she hopes so, but she doesn't stop me if I want to do other things).

To all my patients and mothers-to-be (regardless which gravida you are), please behave...i'm on call on this Sunday; being on 4th call; covering both antenatal wards...please no non reactive CTG, no high BP, no pre eclampsia, no PPH, no jaundiced baby. I just want you to stay safely in ward or I safely send you to labour room for delivery =)

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